About US

IMG_0947Big Party PagesĀ  was created by entrepreneur Pam Casto, who love to give BIG gifts to her loved ones! Wanting to create that feeling of childhood “awe” as the real gift given, she understands that it isn’t the material items themselves that matter, but that the laughter and joy in being surprised by something over-the-top which creates a happiness she wants everyone to feel.

When trying to find great gift ideas for her niece and nephew, Pam would google “big gifts” or “giant kids toys”, and although she found some pretty awesome presents, she saw that there really weren’t any everyday affordable gifts in this category. Always thinking of ways to spread some fun, Pam received a “grown-up” coloring book from her mom and enjoying coloring as an adult inspired her to realize that everyone loves coloring and how perfect a media for her everyday BIG GIFT idea! Always in it for a laugh- Pam’s big bright idea was born!

Pam has always had this “think bigger” philosophy, and found true love in her husband Dave, who when she met him, had his own company called Excesss, clearly a sign of destiny for them! Dave and Pam have filled their life with art, and color, and happiness, and fun, and together they are making Big Party Pages a company that creates that happy larger-than-life childhood feeling for EVERYONE!

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