How BIG are the Big Party Pages?

     – When we say BIG we mean it!!! The PARTY PAGES are approximately 56″ wide by 42″ high! (Some are wider, up to 60″, sizes vary based on artist drawings.) Hang them up on a wall, or spread out coloring on the floor, even take over the entire kitchen table.


Do I need a PayPal account to buy a Big Party Page?

      – NO, we use PayPal as our credit card processing provider, however you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase a Big Party Page. An option to just select payment via credit card will be available.


Are crayons provided with a Big Party Page?

      – A 24 pack of crayons is available for purchase to be sent with your Big Party Page, however we realize some recipients will want to use other medium to color with, so crayons can be added, but are not initially included.


Can I use something other than crayons to color a Big Party Page?

       – Other coloring mediums MAY bleed through the Page. We recommend using crayons to color- if you use paints or markers, make sure to TEST them on the page to make sure nothing bleeds through!!!!! Protect your coloring surroundings and supervise those coloring- be wary of people coloring outside of the lines or if people color with materials that may bleed through the Big Party Page! Not recommended for unsupervised use for those under 7 years of age.


How do you ship The Big Party Pages?

       -The Pages are shipped via Priority Mail thru USPS out of Columbus OH, packages may take 2-4 business days depending on USPS delivery demand, delivery dates are not guaranteed.


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